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Puberty Education Campaign

Puberty Education Campaign
Welcome to Right Side Story and Whisper – P&G India’s Puberty Education Campaign. We’re excited to invite your school to be a part of this transformative initiative. This campaign promises to bring educational workshops to your esteemed school, completely free of charge! Our mission is to empower adolescent girls on their journey towards self-awareness and empowerment. Through impactful workshops, we aim to equip young girls with a comprehensive understanding of the changes their bodies undergo during puberty. Join us as we pave the way for a generation of informed and confident young women. This campaign promises:


Workshops allocated on a first-come, first-served basis due to limited slots & high demand.

What to look forward to in this Campaign

On-Campus Free Workshops

Girls in Grades 5-9 will have an incredible opportunity to engage in transformative on-campus workshops. These 2-hour sessions will encompass insightful discussions, interactive activities, and empowering messages. We'll handle all logistics, so you can focus on the transformation!

Free Pads and Poster

In support of menstrual health and hygiene, each girl will receive four pad samples and a Red Letter Poster, The Missing Chapter Initiative by Whisper, P&G India. Our aim is to ensure that every girl feels cared for and supported on her menstrual journey.

Certificate of Participation

Every student participating in the workshops will be provided with a Certificate of Participation. This recognition celebrates their commitment to self-improvement and personal growth.

Informative Posters for Notice Boards

Your school will receive 20 eye-catching posters to adorn its notice boards. These visuals will serve as constant reminder of the valuable lessons learned during the workshops, fostering a supportive environment for these adolescent girls.

Free Online Holistic Sex Education Course for Educators

As part of the campaign, your educators will have the privilege to access a free online Holistic Sex Education Course. This course equips teachers with essential knowledge and tools to effectively address students' needs.

Resource Material & e-Certificate for Educators

Educators completing the course will receive resource materials and e-certificates, further enriching their expertise. This ensures they have access to valuable information to positively impact your students.

Workshop Details

Workshop Venue

School Campus

Workshop Duration

1.5 Hours


5-9 Girls

Batch Size


Simplifying conversations on

Human Development
and Puberty

Menstruation and
Period Hygiene

Relationships and

Good Practise

Supporting Associations

For or any queries, please contact Team Right Side Story