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POSH training for Colleges

POSH training for Colleges

Legal literacy on posh regulations in india and equips colleges with the knowledge and skills to prevent and address sexual harassment on campus.

Our POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) training program for colleges aims to create a safe and respectful learning and working environment by providing legal literacy on POSH regulations in India. We offer specialized workshops for college faculty, staff, and students to promote awareness, prevention, and redressal of sexual harassment. We prioritize creating a safe and inclusive learning environment for all. This workshop is designed for college  faculty, staff, and administrators, and covers the following topics:

  • Understanding the legal framework and POSH regulations in India
  • Identifying and managing sexual harassment concerns or complaints
  • Developing and implementing effective POSH policies and practices in the university
  • Roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders in preventing and addressing sexual harassment
  • Effective communication and engagement with students and staff on POSH-related matters.

Workshop for faculty, staff, and administrators

Provide legal literacy on POSH regulations in India and equip them to prevent and address sexual harassment on campus

Awareness Program for College Students

Aims to educate and raise awareness about sexual harassment and their rights, responsibilities, and options for reporting and seeking help.

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